Team WIRW: Melissa

We are like a little family here so wanted to let you know who everyone is and what they do at What I Really Wanted.

So we asked everyone to answer a few questions. Some answers are quite interesting…

Introducing Melissa, Manager of key account relationships:


What did you want to be growing up?
A chef!

What would you love to be doing?
In general or at SK Chase? In general, lying on a beach somewhere sipping a cocktail! At SK Chase (& WIRW) – I love what I do!

How would your partner describe you?
Err, absolutely amazing – obviously!! 🙂

What ‘subtle hints’ will you be dropping to your partner, for your next birthday?
Champagne and lots of it seeing as we are already going away for it! Probably some beauty treatments at the hotel too!

What is the best present you have ever received and why?
A surprise trip to New York. I had been unwell and spent a few days in hospital, so it was a fantastic surprise and an amazing experience!

What is the best present you have ever given; to who and why?
I surprised my Mum with a holiday to Egypt! She had always wanted to go, absolutely loves sunshine and the look on her face, I will never forget!

Who is the easiest person to buy for, and why?
My 10 year old niece because she is really into clothes at the moment and tells us exactly what she wants!

Who is the hardest person to buy for, and why?
My brother-in-law. He is incredibly fussy! Although, we recently discovered he secretly loves spa breaks and treatments, so it may have just got a bit easier 🙂

We agree and think Melissa is pretty amazing too! What amazing gifts, given and received.

You can view our selection here:

Look out for the next one…Kris!

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