Team WIRW: Kris

We are like a little family here so wanted to let you know who everyone is and what they do at What I Really Wanted.

So we asked everyone to answer a few questions. Some answers are quite interesting…

Introducing Kris, Business Operations and Service Manager:


What did you want to be growing up?
A primary school teacher!

What would you love to be doing?
Travelling the world.

How would your partner describe you?
Frustratingly clumsy!

What ‘subtle hints’ will you be dropping to your partner, for your next birthday?
I never drop hints for birthdays. We have always gone on a city break for our birthdays as memories last longer than a pair of jeans.

What is the best present you have ever received and why?
A kindle from my partner.  I use it all the time as it is the gift that keeps on giving.

What is the best present you have ever given; to who and why?
I made a recipe book for my mother in law a few years ago and filled it with photos and recipes of her grandchildren’s favourite meals.  It is  a nice keepsake and reminder of the funny quirks that children have when it comes to eating.

Who is the easiest person to buy for, and why?
My in-laws.  They are at a stage in their life where they want for nothing, but really enjoy going out for Afternoon Tea.  Over the last few years we have given them vouchers for some of the best five star hotels to enjoy various experiences.

Who is the hardest person to buy for, and why?
My partner.  He is always shopping which reduces my options of what to give and never gives any hints as to what he would like.

We agree that a voucher for afternoon tea a luxury hotel makes a great gift and a lovely long lasting memory.

You can view our selection here:

Look out for the next one…Lucy!

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