One for the Dads…

As a relatively new Dad, Father’s Day now takes on new meaning.

In previous years, I’d be scratching my head thinking what could I possibly get for my Dad. The man who, for all intents and purposes, had everything he wanted… I know he did, because I would normally be asking for it or to borrow the money to buy it for myself. I look back with admiration on the pleasure the ‘Old Man’ would display from the most truly awful of presents.

However, with my own children, this day brings a new perspective. I get to be spoilt for the day… or so I’d like to think. One thing is for sure, the material things seem so insignificant. I now know why my Dad was genuine when he said, “don’t worry about buying anything, it’ll be nice to spend the day together”. He had three sons, so I guess the thought of another pair of cheap, novelty socks wore more quickly than the socks themselves.

To help in this annual quest though, much like Christmas, lots of guides will surface to baffle and encourage the sons and daughters out there (and the odd loving Mum and wife) on new ways to part with your hard-earned money covering a range of new trends; fashion to gadgets for the “man of the house” however, one thing remains unchanged… the greatest gift is time.

Time spent with those closest to you has been proven to give longer lasting happiness and memories. It could be Sunday lunch at the local, with a round of drinks or perhaps a round on the golf course. Of course, it may even be to give time, with a night off from daily chores or weekend escape away.

For me though, a little time to stop and appreciate those around me is what gives greatest satisfaction. No money required, although, if it does just so happens to be at a lovely restaurant then all the better!

For a few ideas on Father’s Day gifts, then take a sneaky peak here… 

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