Team WIRW: Stephanie

We are like a little family here so wanted to let you know who everyone is and what they do at What I Really Wanted.

So we asked everyone to answer a few questions. Some answers are quite interesting…

Introducing Stephanie who works in our product development team:

What did you want to be growing up?Steph2
World explorer or astronaut (if I had to go for a real job).

What would you love to be doing?
Living in a hotel!

How would your friends describe you?
My friends think I’m ‘charmingly goofy and selfless’

What ‘subtle hints’ will you be dropping to your friends, for your next birthday?
My birthday is in January where Edinburgh is always frozen so the plan would be to hint to my friends about vacating to somewhere with a hot tub or fireplace, probably by slipping a few ‘brrr’s and the odd ‘I’d have you all over to mine but there’s no hot tub or fireplace’ into conversation.

What is the best present you have ever received and why?
A holiday to Switzerland to see The Cure, it was the gift that kept on giving as it was an amazing thing to look forward to and now to look back on.

What is the best present you have ever given; to who and why?
When my friend was getting married I gathered all of my photographs that she was in and gave her a ‘This is Your Life’ style bundle of photo memories from 10+ years of friendship. What made it great was how much she loved it!

Who is the easiest person to buy for, and why?
My friend Louise because her taste in most things is closest to mine which makes shopping (and sharing) all too tempting

Who is the hardest person to buy for, and why?
My brother. I find it harder to buy for men in general, but those in my family are particularly choosy so I’ve learned from experience it’s best to forgo the element of surprise and ask for an ideas list well in advance (there will no doubt be a heavy book that has to be shipped from a seller in Timbuktu!).

We love the idea of living in a hotel! What a great way to spend everyday, especially one with a spa, a few amazing restaurants to choose from, a pool, tennis courts and even it’s own beach (like The Grove!). When it comes to gifts it sounds like Steph is very thoughtful and sometimes it is just better to ask you friends or family ‘what do you really want’!

Visit our website for lots of great ideas from many amazing experiences:

Look out for the next one…Rod!

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