Another chance to get together…

It is safe to come out; Christmas is over and as the credit card bills start to land to reveal the full blow of the festive finances, it is often a time when we reflect upon the last couple of weeks of the year. Did I need to get that… spend that… did they appreciate it… did I want that?!

Each of us is different but, as we consider our holiday highlights, what was it that brought you most happiness? Was it the lavish gifts that were showered upon you from your nearest and dearest, the warm feeling you got when someone appreciated your gift and the many hours it took you to find it, or perhaps it was the time you spent together (well, with some more than others!) and the excitement of looking forward to catching up again soon.

With the wrapping paper well out of sight, how many of us received a thank you letter? A recent article based on comments from a former headmaster suggested there has been a strong decline in the number of children writing thank you letters following the gift surge of Christmas. The same, dare say us, is true of adults. Of course, in our busy lives, technology has had its part in the erosion of our traditional manners; a text, email, tweet or tag now deemed acceptable to say a quick thank you. However, the time and space we have lost to show our appreciation supports the theory that material gifts are easily overlooked and generally under appreciated.

However, when buying or sharing an experience as a gift, the value of happiness goes much deeper and is far longer lasting.

For the buyer, comes a degree of reassurance that the gift won’t be immediately cast aside with the others. For the lucky recipient, of an experience based gift this Christmas, the January lull has a spark of joy… planning on when to redeem it! From a night at the theatre, dinner or afternoon tea to a spa day, hotel break or adventure outdoors the excitement builds.  When to go, what to do, planning and making sure that everything is sorted.

Of course, whilst you hope the experience itself will deliver a pleasing impression, it is the time (our precious time) together and the memories shared that will continue to live on long after the frosty mornings.

It won’t be long until Valentine’s Day will have our hearts racing, or Mother’s Day when we show a small token of appreciation to our Mums… but when you are thinking about ‘what to get’, why not consider ‘where shall we go’ or ‘what shall we do’ and make your next gift a memorable one!


What I Really Wanted offers a unique range of luxury hotel and resort gift voucher experiences throughout the UK.  With gifts available for every age and budget, experiences include overnight luxury hotel stays, spa days, golf breaks, fine dining experiences, afternoon teas and champagne afternoon teas.

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